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Nolting Manufacturing, which is known worldwide for bringing you the original hand guided quilting machine, has been in business since 1984.
IntelliQuilter is a computer controlled quilting system.  The IQ has all the functions and operating modes that help the operator compose and quilt high quality custom quilts.
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As people upgrade their equipment it leaves a supply of used equipment to move into the hands of new care takers. For some it might be the quilter that is ready to quit man handling quilts on their sewing machine and want to get into midarm or longarm quilting.  For others they will upgrade and like the value of the gently used and refurbished machine or frame.

Used Equipment

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Quilt your masterpiece with ease using Quiltmagine for Nolting.  Enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home. Use the software to design and layout your projects And let Quiltmagine Quilt it.

Introducing Noltings Newest upgrade to the Commercial line of Machines.
The New Nolting NV Stitch Regulator. This is a version 5 stitch regulator.  A touch Screen & 4 buttons
on the control handles.  More functions and control from the touch control screen.  Check it out by going to the new Nolting
NV Page.  Then Call Doug for latest details and pricing to get this latest addition.