PRO Series option comes with… the new stitch regulator IS Turbo CS for Nolting. Front and rear control boards that are easy to see/reach. Also includes customizable position front and rear handles for comfort and ease of movement. Only available on the 20”, 24” and 30” machines.

Price $13,900.00

Product Description

With fully adjustable handles, a quilter can set the handles to a comfortable configuration that fits the style of work they want to do without interfering with visibility. Imagine the ability to set the handles close to the fabric for the most intricate detail work, and still having the single stitch and on/off switch at your fingertips! Nolting Pro Series offers the finest stitch regulation system on the market with integrated IntelliStitch technology. Its unique “Firing Stitch” gives beautiful stitch regulation from one stitch per inch to 16 stitches per inch, and all without the surging sound of other stitch regulators on the market. With the Precision Quilting mode, stitching in the ditch and outline quilting has never been easier.

Although the Pro Series offers some new features, it maintains many of the features that have always set Nolting apart from the rest of the pack. Its lightweight design allows for long hours of quilting with minimal fatigue. Its internal motor provides quiet, trouble-free operation, while its cord chain track system eliminates any drag from the cord and with no overhead wiring to interfere with your freedom of movement.

Nolting’s all steel table includes a roller set up that provides easy access to the bobbin, and its roller lift allows easy access for smoothing batting, adding batting for trapunto, or for removing varicose threads. The wheels are fully enclosed in their tracks for solid, smooth motion. And as always, the Nolting table is “sit-down quilting” friendly, especially when used in combination with the optional hydraulic lift system.

Product Specs

Length 24 in
Width 20 in
Package Includes 12´ Table - Bobbin Winder 10 Needles - 10 bobbins -Laser - Cable Chain - 4 pony clamps - 5 patterns - Introduction to Longarm Quilting Class - Setup in Local Area (Call for Details)